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Debenham & Fear Limited enjoys an excellent reputation with all categories of customers ranging from Kenya’s leading supermarket chains to the smallest convenient stores. Among our customers are also wholesalers, Hotels, Institutions, and corporate clients. We are a listed supplier both in the government and the private sector.

Our core business is in the distribution of quality consumer products and over the years focus has been concentrated at growing business portfolio by attracting new principals of both local and multinational status.

Debenham & Fear Limited is one of Kenya’s most advanced Distribution Company in terms of both logistics and customer reach. We have a wide network supplying every region of the Kenyan Market.

Debenham & Fear Limited warehouse facility covers over 29,500 square feet and has the capacity to handle big volumes of inventories commensurate with the market demands. This is backed up by a fleet of fifteen vehicles dedicated for customer deliveries.

Debenham & Fear Limited is an ethical company, carrying out our business within the regulations governing the consumer business. We work closely with regulatory authorities in Kenya to ensure our business and that of our partners is within the legal framework. Since 1946 we have been known to distribute and provide quality products and services to customers.

Can Debenham achieve the expectations of its suppliers on distribution?

  • We strongly believe we have the capacity not only to handle a wide range of products, but also expand the business through retail penetration.
  • We have a well-established distribution infrastructure in Kenya.
  • We have a solid financial base, which is a prerequisite for any distribution company to grow.
  • We have the ability to penetrate the market through aggressive distribution and effective customer care.
  • We have the capability to support any of the suppliers in the Marketing activities.
  • We have over 15 years experience in wholesale and distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) both in the up market and bottom end market segments.
  • Teaming up with the right/professional partners (who have a clear Vision and Mission).
  • Knowledge of the local market and suggesting the right product basket, right pricing, right promotions to our suppliers.
  • High credibility in the Kenyan market. (Working closely with the leading banks)
  • We also have high credibility with the suppliers (Never violated payment policies)
  • Fast, efficient and effective delivery system with countrywide coverage.
  • Working closely with Kenya Bureau of Standards and other government regulatory agencies.
  • Efficient logistics system – working with professional clearing and forwarding companies.
  • Continuous improvement on our customer service.
  • Strong business relationship with our suppliers and customers with focus on mutual business growth.
  • Commitment and dedication to agreed terms of business.
  • We have a growing and satisfied customer base.



Santa Maria

Santa Maria Spaghetti, Modern Technology and Semolina

Santa Maria Spaghetti is produced from Semolina and Semolina itself is derived from Durum Wheat.

Because of beta-carotene, Semolina is amber-colored. Beta-carotene exists in milk, carrot, and peach. It has anti cancer effects and makes our body immune against various diseases.

The particles of Semolina are bigger than flour and this causes the starch to remain in the particles. As a result, after cooking pasta it does not stick to each other.

Since Santa Maria Spaghetti enjoys 2005 Italian Technology, Semolina and water mixes in vacuum and the mixture never dough.

Because of its nutritional values and vitamins especially B, nowadays in America, Europe and Canada pasta is produced from Semolina.

Recent studies in America show that the carbohydrate in Semolina pasta is not only of a best quality and a good source of energy for human body but produces Serotonin in brain which balances the emotions.

By having Santa Maria Spaghetti you can provide a long lasting energy for muscles and this energy releases gradually. As a result, you will not get hungry soon. Santa Maria Spaghetti is a very good meal for athletes in soccer, basketball, volleyball, athletics etc.

On the basis of researches done in Sydney University, the starch of Semolina is three times better than rice, two and half times better than cornflakes and barley, and two times better than white bread. Its nutritious values are as good as bean and bran.

Keep in mind that Santa Maria Spaghetti has very little fat and no cholesterol.

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